Wedding and Engagement, Portraiture photography based in Dallas, Texas.


"Every moment is a Milestone to Treasure!"


Anyone can pick up a camera and snap a photo, but not everyone can capture the essence of the moment and bring back the emotions and feelings and yes even the smell of the moment. Here at Milestone Media & Photography we pride ourselves in creating images that will transport our clients back to that moment, forever immortalizing it through photos and or video.

Tyshawn Miles is the owner and lead creative behind this business, and he enjoys using his expertise to freeze-frame special moments. Having spent a decade serving in the Army, Tyshawn decided to swap the state of New York for Texas. Today, he calls the Lone Star State his home, and he loves documenting all kinds of weddings here. An attentive and dedicated professional, Tyshawn likes to focus on as much as possible while he works. This allows him to showcase each magical milestone with accuracy and authenticity. A variety of styles informs the work done by Milestone Media & Photography, meaning that they can produce artistic, classic, lifestyle, modern, and vintage images. 

Milestone Media & Photography delights in chronicling a whole host of wedding-related events. They can be there for the engagement and the rehearsal in order to preserve as much of the excitement and build-up as possible. Of course, they are available for the ceremony, reception, and after-party, ensuring that he can pause all the emotional highlights in time. The couple portraits, the candid kisses, the breathtaking scenery, and more can all be safeguarded through his work. Couples are welcome to avail of digital files, prints, and wedding albums. What’s more, an additional photographer can accompany the lead photographer in order to capture more angles, expressions, and details. Ultimately, he wants to make wonderful photos that say something meaningful about each occasion and allow couples to happily relive their fairytale.